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RSK releases a public infrastructure service to achieve a hassle-free dApp development experience

We are pleased to announce the release of a public infrastructure service to let the dApp developers focus on their blockchain applications development without worrying about the infrastructure while achieving a zero infrastructure installation process.

Without the need of installing any infrastructure component and having an on-demand scalable architecture, blockchain developers and third-party companies can now focus on their development and their dApp’s performance.

The news goes hand in hand with the RSK MainNet network release from January 2018, the SBTC wallets integration, the addition of more hashing power to the merged-mining process coming from different mining pool companies and a network hardening as per the latest release, to achieve a more secure smart contract protocol running on top of the Bitcoin network.

Adrian Eidelman, RSK’s CTO, said: “We are excited to avail this service to let the dApp developers focus on their solutions while we have their back on a reliable and scalable infrastructure that they do not need to install anymore”.

To learn more about the public infrastructure service, you can read the full Documentation.

About RSK Labs

RSK Labs is the company behind the Project codenamed RootStock, a smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to the Bitcoin Blockchain. RSK founders have been actively involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem and smart contract development since early 2013. The company was founded in 2015 and its initial white paper was later published on December 2015.

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Head of Business Development, Henry Sraigman,

Facebook: @RSKsmart

Twitter: @RSKsmart