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Wasabi v1.0.0 is Here: What You Need To Know About RSK Upcoming Network Upgrade
18 July, 2019

As announced a few weeks ago, the RSK network will be undergoing a planned network upgrade at block number 1,591,000. This is expected to happen on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019. What is a network upgrade? A network upgrade is a change or group of changes to the protocol consensus rules, which are activated at a defined […]

RSK: Bitcoin Merge Mining is Here to Stay
16 July, 2019

By Sergio Demian Lerner, RSK Chief Scientist Introduction to Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin Mining is the process used by Bitcoin to achieve Sybil-attack resistance and forms the basis for Nakamoto Consensus. The process involves solving computationally difficult puzzles while selecting a valid set of transactions to be applied to the ledger. Nowadays most Bitcoin mining is […]

Adrian Eidelman AMA Replies
15 July, 2019

On this post, RSK´s CTO Adrian Eidelman, answers the questions from June´s AMA.

Wasabi Release v1.0.0 Preview: What’s Included and What’s Next.
5 July, 2019

A few days ago we announced we would be doing a fresh restart of RSK Testnet as part of RSK Wasabi rollout plan. Having successfully completed the process of updating our nodes, we’ve made a Wasabi 1.0.0 Preview release available. Please note this release is only mandatory for users running RSK nodes on Testnet. IMPORTANT: if you are updating […]

RSK Roadmap: Upcoming Features for Smart Contracts on Bitcoin
3 July, 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of the RSK platform development roadmap. Sharing it will enable us to have meaningful conversations with developers, researchers, partners and the RSK/RIF community on how our vision and technology can empower our society.  The roadmap is an open statement, a guide stating how we are prioritizing our efforts. […]

Announcement: Upcoming RSK Testnet Reset and Wasabi Rollout Plan
28 June, 2019

In preparation for our upcoming network upgrade (Wasabi), RSK Testnet will be reset and network servers updated with a new and enhanced version of the RSK client node. What does a Testnet reset mean? A reset is a fresh start of the blockchain. All servers provided by RSK will be restarted and upgraded to a […]

Blockchain For Social Impact: An Overview of The Current Industry Status
24 June, 2019

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the lives of billions of people by generating social impact. Just to mention a few examples, it can bank the unbanked, increase traceability on many products and services that we consume on a daily basis, create digital identities, reward scientific and medical research, etc. According to an interesting […]

5 Reasons to Understand Why Blockchain Technology Can Promote Financial Inclusion
15 June, 2019

When thinking about blockchain technology, people many times tend to think solely about cryptocurrencies, tokens and crowdfunding through digital assets. However, these are just expressions of a technology that has the potential to transform multiple industries and organizations. Just like the Internet, blockchain technology has the capacity to transform the lives of billions of people […]

Central Bank Digital Currencies: The Next Step On Monetary Policy Development?
10 June, 2019

Blockchain as a technology has a lot of different use-cases. Just to mention a few, we can use it as a way to store value (Bitcoin), as a way to deploy the code that controls organization (DAOs), as a crowdfunding method through crypto-assets (ICOs, STOs & Private Sales) or as a programmable framework to execute […]

The Cutting Edge of Sidechains: Liquid and RSK
30 May, 2019

On this post,  we analyze with RSK´s Chief Scientist, Sergio Lerner, the cutting edge of sidechains with Liquid and RSK.