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Understanding RSK: A Comparison to Ethereum & EOS
29 May, 2019

On this post, we analyze the main differences between RSK, Ethereum & EOS.

IOV Labs Launch
13 May, 2019

We are happy to announce the launch of IOV Labs brand. IOV is the brand behind RSK and RIF Platforms.

Sergio Lerner AMA Session
7 May, 2019

On this post, we get the April 2019 AMA answers from RSK & RIF Chief Scientist, Sergio Lerner.

Orchid Release v0.6.2 Is Here
25 April, 2019

A new RSK Orchid release has been published in our Github repo. This release contains performance improvements, storage requirements decrease and minor bug fixes. Several codebase refactors and cleanup are also part of this milestone. This is a summary of the changes included in this version: Codebase refactors and cleanup (#803, #796, #798, #792, #786) […]

Why RSK’s Partnership with Microsoft is Key For Developers
16 April, 2019

A few days ago Microsoft added RSK Smart MainNet as a public blockchain to be run on Azure as a service, making RSK one of the few public blockchains currently supported by a major cloud provider like Microsoft. The integration with Microsoft’s blockchain-as-a-service marketplace (BaaS) allows developers to deploy and configure an RSK node in […]

Diego Zaldivar’s AMA Session
5 April, 2019

On this post, we get the answers from Diego Zaldivar’s AMA.

Towards Higher Onchain Scalability with the Unitrie
19 March, 2019

RSK was born in 2015 as an Ethereum-compatible Bitcoin sidechain. Back in 2016, when the RSK sidechain was still under development, we decided to improve and simplify its design by replacing one of the key components of Ethereum: the account trie, also called “world state” trie in Ethereum’s yellow paper. The world-state trie is the […]

The RSK Ambassador Program: Building The Internet Of Value Together
27 February, 2019

How can we solve problems that affect millions of people today?  What do we need in order to achieve this? Is it enough to solve the the technical challenges?  Bitcoin was created to give economic freedom to individuals but also to set the foundations for the the construction of a new Internet transforming the transfer […]

OakNodes making hosting nodes accessible to anyone
19 February, 2019

At OAK our core technology is a universal blockchain engine that allows intelligent nodes for any protocol to run on virtually any hardware. A fully decentralized and connected world means we’ll have billions of devices connected to blockchain, from laptops and smartphones, to smart speakers and who-knows-what. Yet unlike today’s internet, devices of the decentralized world will need to participate in that […]

dexFreight decentralized blockchain-based logistics
11 February, 2019

dexFreight is a decentralized, blockchain-based logistics platform that allows shippers, carriers and other supply chain stakeholders to transact and collaborate more efficiently, transparently and securely. The logistics industry is plagued with inefficiencies, costly delays caused by manual processes, data fragmentation, slowed payments and further impacted by fraud, theft and counterparty disputes.  DexFreight integrates blockchain, smart contracts, IoT, […]