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Towards Higher Onchain Scalability with the Unitrie
19 March, 2019

RSK was born in 2015 as an Ethereum-compatible Bitcoin sidechain. Back in 2016, when the RSK sidechain was still under development, we decided to improve and simplify its design by replacing one of the key components of Ethereum: the account trie, also called “world state” trie in Ethereum’s yellow paper. The world-state trie is the […]

The RSK Ambassador Program: Building The Internet Of Value Together
27 February, 2019

How can we solve problems that affect millions of people today?  What do we need in order to achieve this? Is it enough to solve the the technical challenges?  Bitcoin was created to give economic freedom to individuals but also to set the foundations for the the construction of a new Internet transforming the transfer […]

OakNodes making hosting nodes accessible to anyone
19 February, 2019

At OAK our core technology is a universal blockchain engine that allows intelligent nodes for any protocol to run on virtually any hardware. A fully decentralized and connected world means we’ll have billions of devices connected to blockchain, from laptops and smartphones, to smart speakers and who-knows-what. Yet unlike today’s internet, devices of the decentralized world will need to participate in that […]

dexFreight decentralized blockchain-based logistics
11 February, 2019

dexFreight is a decentralized, blockchain-based logistics platform that allows shippers, carriers and other supply chain stakeholders to transact and collaborate more efficiently, transparently and securely. The logistics industry is plagued with inefficiencies, costly delays caused by manual processes, data fragmentation, slowed payments and further impacted by fraud, theft and counterparty disputes.  DexFreight integrates blockchain, smart contracts, IoT, […]

Collaboration The Key To Deliver Top Notch Solutions
7 February, 2019

It was November 2015 and RSK Labs started working on bringing smart contracts to the Bitcoin Network. There was no space for the motto “one blockchain rules them all“ at the company’s HQ and interoperability became the north. At the end of the day, everything came down to collaboration. Development started and building a partner […]

Why To Bring Your Dapp To The Most Secure Blockchain?
7 February, 2019

January 3rd marked the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin’s genesis block and the 1st anniversary of RSK, the first Smart Contract Network powered by the Bitcoin infrastructure. Bitcoin has proved to be the non-turing complete safest settlement network for more than 5 years until Ethereum got into the space bringing smart contracts to life. One […]

Orchid v0.6.0 Network Upgrade
3 January, 2019

The RSK network will be undergoing a planned network upgrade at block number 1,052,700. This is expected to happen on Wednesday, January 9th, 2019. RSK Testnet network upgrade will happen at block number 233,000, expected on the same date. What is a network upgrade ? A network upgrade is a change or group of changes to […]

Upcoming RSKj release: Solidity 0.5.0 compatibility upgrade
24 December, 2018

It’s among our best interests to provide compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts, and we work hard everyday to accomplish this goal. Our partners play a key role discovering and reporting misalignments between platforms. Thanks to the latter, we’ve recently discovered some incompatibilities between RSK VM and contracts written in Solidity versions 0.5.0 and higher. We’re […]

One step closer to the Internet of Value realization!
18 November, 2018

To our beloved RSK community, As we continue to work on the development of the RSK Smart Contract Network (RSKSmart), we wanted to provide an exciting update about RSK Labs. The RSK Labs founders and other executives and advisors have been working on a new off-chain infrastructure layer called RIF OS that uses RSK Smart […]

Orchid Release v0.5.3 Is Here
17 November, 2018

A new RSK Orchid release has been published in our Github repo. This release is mainly focused on bug fixing and security improvements. This is a summary of the changes included in this version: Consider gas price for accepting tx pool replacements (#662) Add v, r and s EC values to JSON-RPC tx outputs (#661) […]