How to convert Dai to RDai?

Defiant and Token Bridge

Set up you Defiant Wallet

Download the Defiant Wallet Google store / Apple store

Transfer your Dai to your Defiant wallet

Access your rdai balance in your wallet, with the same address as your rdai one


Due to some differences between how the bridge works and how Defiant sets your addresses by default,
you will have to do some extra adjustments to get yourself ready to go.
First, you will need to import again the seed phrase of the wallet already loaded. That is: My wallets --> Import
Then, on the next screen, input your 12 words, select the coins you want to see in your wallet (ETH, DAI)
and tap on the green gear icon on the upper right.
There you’ll have to choose the “MetaMask” option instead of “Defiant’s default derivation path”.
After that, tap on Continue.
If you’ve imported your wallet correctly, a new wallet “|MM” should be shown to the right of your first wallet.
This “|MM” wallet is the one you are going to use for the bridge.
Finally, you may send to yourself any amount of DAI you want to swap
(remember you will need some ETH for the gas). Just tap on DAI, tap on Receive,
and there you have your address.
While you are on it, you should also add the rDAI token to your “|MM” wallet, in order to see them on Defiant
once they land on your RSK address (BTW, for future RSK transactions, you will need some rBTC).
For this, go to My Wallets, tap on the $ icon below the “|MM” wallet and look up for RSK Dai Stablecoin
between the Custom Tokens on the second tab.

Token Bridge

Go to the Token Bridge


On the top right there’s a button to connect the dapp with your wallet. You can choose Metamask
(which is also the right option for Nifty), or WalletConnect. For this purpose, we’ll choose WalletConnect


With Defiant in your mobile phone, find the WalletConnect feature and tap on New connection.


In the following screen, you need to:
Choose which of your wallets (since Defiant lets you have many) you want to connect to the dapp.
Set Ethereum as the network.
Tap OK.


Then, you have to scan the QR code that the Token Bridge displays with your mobile phone.
Defiant will confirm that a new connection has been created, and so will the web, maybe a couple of seconds later.
You should also see that our Ethereum address appears on the left-upper corner of the screen.


Later, on the left side of the swap module in the Token Bridge web, choose DAI,
and rDAI will be automatically set on the other side.


Input the amount of DAI to swap (lower or equal than our DAI balance).


If it’s your first time using this pair, you’ll need to perform an approval. So click on that button,
which will send a transaction for you to sign it using Defiant.


Once you receive the message in Defiant, check it, and tap on Approve in order to sign it.


Wait until the transaction is mined.


After that, repeat the process with the Convert tokens button: click on it, sign it
(approve it) in Defiant, and wait for the operation to be mined.
The Token Bridge needs 24 hours to safely confirm transactions on the blockchain.
The day after, you will have your rDAI in your RSK wallet in Defiant.