How to convert Dai to RDai?

KM Swaps on Defiant

Install the Defiant app on your mobile

Download the Defiant Wallet Google store / Apple store

Install the Defiant app on your mobile.

If you are already in control of the address containing your DAI, import your recovery phrase in Defiant.
Else, create a wallet within Defiant and send your DAI to the DAI address that has been created.
Needless to say, whether importing or creating your wallet,
you’ll need to check on the DAI slot between the different coin options displayed.


Defiant is a self-custodial wallet, which means your transaction fees need to be paid using each network’s native currency.
This is to say, you will also need some ETH in order to pay for the next transaction.

Add ‘rDAI’ to the suite of coins displayed

Tap on ‘My Wallets’ and on the $ (Coins) symbol under your wallet.


Once you can see your wallet on Defiant, you will need to add ‘rDAI’ to the suite of coins displayed.
So, open the side menu —upper right corner of the screen—,
tap on ‘My Wallets’ and on the $ (Coins) symbol under your wallet.
There are two tabs there: ‘Coins’ and ‘Custom tokens’.
On the second one you will find ‘RSK Dai Stablecoin’; check it and press Accept. You are ready to swap now.

Choose ‘rDAI’ as your receiving currency

Start Operating with Kripton Market (KM)

Back on the main page of your Defiant wallet, tap on ‘DAI’, and on ‘Swap’ after that.
Choose ‘rDAI’ as your receiving currency and press Continue.
On the next screens, you will be operating though Kripton Market (KM).

KM Swap

Input the amount of DAI you want to trade

Next, input the amount of DAI you want to trade —minimum of 50 DAI—, tap on Continue and then on Confirm.
Like every other time a transaction needs to be signed on the blockchain, your PIN will be requested.
Last step would be to wait until your funds are sent to you.
Bear in mind, KM Swap is not an automated swap. It is manually operated and it takes some time for the third party
to verify and complete the trade. Normally, KM completes the operation within two hours.
You should be able to check the status of your operation in Defiant’s last tab (History).
For the time being, you will need to get some rBTC somewhere else in order to send or transact with your rDAI.
Hopefully, soon Kripton Market Swaps will also enable users to convert a little amount of their ERC20 tokens into rBTC.