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Why To Bring Your Dapp To The Most Secure Blockchain?

January 3rd marked the 10th anniversary of the
Bitcoin’s genesis block and the 1st anniversary of RSK, the first Smart
Contract Network powered by the Bitcoin infrastructure. Bitcoin has proved to
be the non-turing complete safest settlement network for more than 5 years
until Ethereum got into the space bringing smart contracts to life. One year
later, RSK Labs, the team behind the RSK Smart Contract Network, brought
together the programmability of smart contracts introduced by Ethereum and the
integrity and security of the Bitcoin Network.

November 2015 set a milestone on the short
Bitcoin’s history: there was a team working day and night to bring smart
contracts to Bitcoin through sidechains technology. This meant no need to
compromise security in favor of business logic programmability, you can now
have both!

In December 2015, where the Ethereum Network
market cap was approximately USD 60M and the 24 hours’ volume was around USD
600,000 (*), smart contract developers had no alternatives when it came to
choosing their blockchain platform. Now they were able to deploy their dApps
leveraging on the Bitcoin hash power to secure their solutions. Both Ethereum developers
and bitcoiners saw a new future for Bitcoin that exceeded the P2P
electronic cash system designed by Satoshi Nakamoto
: RSK smart

In the first three years of operations, RSK Labs
has been working with international financial institutions, Central Banks,
Government, regulators, insurance and NGOs to help them build their
blockchain-based proof of concepts and take the quantum leap this early stage
technology is eager to make.

From gaming to loyalty, from procurement to
donations, RSK Labs works day and night putting the technology at the service
of social transformation to build the next generation blockchain-based
financial system. Building the Internet of Value is what drives the