GiveTrack leverages Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to fund global projects with high environmental and public health impact using a radically transparent donation platform.

GiveTrack is a platform nonprofits use to collect donations, and share updates with owners about how their contributions are used. This ties donations directly to project results. GiveTrack offers unprecedented transparency in the philantrophic process, giving donors the ability to transfer, track, and provide a permanent record of the global financial transactions, tracked from from inception to completion. Individual donors can view and verify direct evidence-based outcomes for their donations, encouraging them to give more.

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GiveTrack is the flagship project of Bitcoin Charity 2.0, launched in 2015 by BitGive.

GiveTrack is a revolutionary donation platform for nonprofits to provide transparency and accountability to donors by sharing financial information and direct project results in real time.

BitGive is the first Bitcoin 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and has built a positive philanthropic representative organization for the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry, bridging the gap between an innovative technology and its practical applications for nonprofits and humanitarian work in the developing world.

BitGive has partnered with and raised funds for well-known nonprofits:

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Media coverage of BitGive: Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, Non Profit Times, Inside Philanthropy, Chronicle of Philanthropy, and more.

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BitGive's founder has presented at several international conferences on the social impact of Bitcoin and Blockchain:

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Now with GiveTrack on RSK, BitGive is strengthening its impact!

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