Integrate with RSK
and open up to crypto's largest addressable market - Bitcoin

RSK is the most secure smart contract platform in the world.
Compared to Ethereum, it provides 40x - 50x cheaper gas fees,
10x faster transaction speed, and greater interoperability.

Integration guides


Integrate Bitcoin DeFi to your wallet with RSK and open up to the original, largest addressable crypto market - Bitcoin.


Integrate RSK, the fastest growing sidechain to build DeFi on Bitcoin, to your DeFi protocol.

DeFi Protocols

Use Coinfirm’s DeFi AMLT Oracle on RSK.

AMLT Oracle

RIF Products and Services

Integrate RIF Relay to conquer the biggest blocker to DeFi adoption by allowing any ERC20 token to be used to pay for transaction fees.

Rif Relay

Through RIF Wallet, get access to RIF’s security, UX, and digital ID features to get your crypto wallet up and running in no time.

Rif Wallets

Use the RIF Marketplace toolkit to rapidly build an NFT Marketplace and reach the fastest growing audience in crypto.

Rif Marketplace

Use RIF Price Feeder to attain the most trusted and up-to-date RIF token price.

Integration Documentation

Success stories

View the RSK & RIF general knowledgebase

Use an RSK Public node ( or

install your own node (

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